Dennis and Sherry on the front porch at the Gallery. Dennis makes too big a mess to be allowed inside when he is throwing and trimming, so he has to be on the porch and I keep him company. The temperature in the Great Smoky Mountains Friday, Saturday and Sunday were in the mid to upper 90s - hence the fan.

On Saturday, we were joined on the porch by Rachel and Jon of the Pea Pickin' Hearts. Their music is fantastic and a lot of fun to be with. They kept us singing along and motivated to keep working through the heat. In case you are wondering, Dennis is trimming a pot he threw earlier and I am threading the loom...I usually face the other way when weaving!
Pat, Theresa and Miss Bette plot how to have room for the food and people who are to join us this weekend.

We took the extra step of taking our tent with us this weekend and were very glad of it. The sun makes the porch even hotter after 2:00 when the sun starts shinning on our chosen area. The tent along with the fan made it possible for us to stay and entertain the visitors all day!
We looked very festive with the tent and the balloons - We at least drew attention!

Even the sign at the road was dressed up for the occasion
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